Cardiovit FT-1

Cardiovit FT-1

Highly Accurate Diagnoses

SCHILLER’s most advanced algorithms are implemented in the CARDIOVIT FT-1. PEDIATRIC ECG: CARDIOVIT FT-1 offers optimal signal quality which makes it the ideal tool for pediatric ECG. RESTING RHYTHM: The FT-1 records all 12 channels for up to 4 minutes.

State-of-the-art Technology

Power and flexibility in a portable ECG. Fast and secure bidirectional Wi-Fi communication. Outstanding signal quality for adult and pediatric ECG

Always Connected

Bidirectional communication allows for easy data access via worklist or PDQ, and fast transmission of ECG reports to EMR/HIS systems. Connectivity through secure WiFi protocols, combined with ECG review on display and a large memory, supports reliable paperless workflows and cost saving.

EASY 1-2-3 STEPS. 1: Enter or download patient data. 2: Control signal quality and perform ECG. 3: Review ECG before storing, exporting or printing.
Users are free to go back and forth through the steps.

The 8-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen can be operated with a simple swipe gesture. The completely flat and closed surface of the device is very easy to clean and highly hygienic.

UNIQUE DESIGN. SCHILLER’s latest innovation, the CARDIOVIT FT-1 is an ultra-portable device, weighing just over a kilo including the battery.

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