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Paper for Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-10 and SP-10 (Single Pack) Hairnet adult Hairnet pediatric, small
Hairnet adult
Price: $69.00
ECG Recording Paper for CARDIOVIT AT-10 and SP-10 ECG/EKG and Spirometry units, thermal (thermo-sensitive), Z-folded Hairnet Hairnet
Hairnet pediatric, large Mask, extra small Mask, petite, pediatric
Mask, extra small
Price: $138.00
Hairnet Mask Mask
Mask, small, adult Mask, medium, adult Mask, large, adult
Mask, small, adult
Price: $141.00
Mask, medium, adult
Price: $141.00
Mask, large, adult
Price: $147.00
Mask Mask Mask
PC-Spiro-NoCalSyringe O2 sensor cell SP-150 (Flow Sensor only) - Re-certified with 6 months warranty - Limited quantities available
O2 sensor cell
Price: $720.00
PC Spiro No Cal Syringe
O2 sensor cell for Power Cube.
This product with Part Number: 2.101175 replaces Item 2.101138
SP-150 (Flow Sensor Only): For use with AT-10, CS-200, SP-1 and SP-10. Must provide serial number of the unit when placing order.

Re-certified with 6 months warranty.
Limited quantities available, please call for availability

Patient gas measurement tube 3 m for Power Cube PC-Spiro-withCalSyringe SP-250 Kit: Flow Sensor & Calibration Syringe. For use with AT-2 plus, AT-10 plus, AT-102 & AT-104 PC. Must provide serial number of unit when placing order.
Patient tube PC Spiro with Cal Syringe
Price: $1,834.00